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Microsoft Teams Event

Teams Unleashed 2024: Connect, Collaborate, Achieve!

The OIT Training Team presents a follow-up training day to the very popular Microsoft Teams event held in September. The event will engage participants in morning and afternoon sessions, where participants will actively interact with basic Microsoft Teams functions as well as delve further into project management, communication, and Teams’ new features. You will have ample time to explore Teams and get answers to any questions you might have. 
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Microsoft Teams: Files and Collaboration
This interactive session is designed to provide participants with valuable insights and practical techniques to maximize their productivity using Microsoft Teams. In this one-hour workshop, attendees will learn a range of tips, tricks, and hidden features that will help them streamline their workflow, collaborate effectively, and make the most out of their Teams experience. OIT Training View Workshop Times

Microsoft Teams: Overview
Get a quick overview of how to use Microsoft Teams for your group. Learn about chats, channels, scheduling video calls, and lots more. We'll leave time for Q&A at the end to answer any specific questions you have. (This is part of the Microsoft Mondays series. Attend one or all of these workshops.) OIT Training View Workshop Times

Microsoft Teams: Project Management
Harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams for efficient file management and seamless collaboration. This session will equip attendees with practical knowledge and essential skills to leverage the platform's file sharing, organization, and collaborative features effectively. OIT Training View Workshop Times

Microsoft Teams: Tips and Tricks

Get some quick, fun tips and tricks for saving time and using Teams in your department or work environment.

-------- All Workshops are Eastern Time Zone--------

At the end of each workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize Teams for meetings and collaboration
  • Manage Teams settings and apps to improve their efficiency using the app

Feb 1 - Overview: Creating Teams, Chats, Spring Cleaning

Feb 8 - New Teams

Feb 15 - Chats and Channels: restore a deleted channel, chats, voicemails and calls

Feb 22 - Meetings: recording and transcription, live transcription, Meet app - easy place to see where recording goes and when it gets deleted

Feb 29 - Mobile app: installing, setting do not disturb, switching calls

Mar 7 - Webinar (Town Hall, Class Lecture, Live Events)

Mar 21 - Meetings: Spotlights, breakout rooms, computer audio, whiteboard

Apr 4 - Updates button/app and Approvals, running projects

Apr 11 - Loop, Loop, Loop

Apr 18 - Speaker coach in Teams and PowerPoint - TENTATIVE TOPIC

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