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Panopto: Learn to Record and Edit in Panopto
This workshop will cover the basics of recording and editing using Panopto. Learn two ways to record by choosing from the browser-based recording feature called Panopto Capture or the Panopto Desktop Application. Attendees will also learn simple editing techniques using Panopto's built-in editor. OIT Training View Workshop Times

Panopto: Manage, Host, and Assign Videos within Canvas
This workshop will cover practical techniques for uploading and managing Panopto content within Canvas. Panopto is fully integrated with Canvas allowing instructors to share content to their Canvas course without leaving the course site. Learn how to add Panopto video content to your course using the external tools and text editor functions inside of Canvas. Integrate videos within the assignments function in Canvas to allow students to submit their own Panopto videos for feedback and grades. OIT Training View Workshop Times