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FootPrints 12 Order Form These sessions will cover the new FootPrints 12 interface in relation to placing and approving orders, and are recommended for OIT staff that submit and approve order requests in the existing SharePoint OIT Order Form. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
SharePoint Documents (Creating, Editing, Sharing and Co-authoring) This class focuses strictly on using SharePoint to collaborate on documents. Participants will learn how to access their MySite, upload documents to a library, change document permissions, modify and coauthor documents owned by other users, enable office web apps, turn on versioning, and create and modify document library views on SharePoint pages. Participants will work with the instructor and each other to explore many of the features available with document libraries. View Workshop Times
SharePoint Lists (Manage Projects and Organize Processes) With SharePoint Lists in your skillset, you'll have a powerful new approach for departmental, project, and resource management — and you'll be able to customize your own solutions as well. In the workshop, we'll be creating:
  • Project task lists -- bring order to a department or unit workload
  • Adjustments to List Settings -- to give you a high degree of control
  • List columns -- pull data from another SharePoint list in the same site (lookup columns) or run simple calculations (calculated columns)
  • Customized Views -- drill down to the data you really need
  • Web parts for displaying a list on your homepage or landing page

This is an introductory workshop – complex lists may require the SharePoint Designer software, which will not be covered here.

There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
SharePoint Overview SharePoint is a Microsoft technology that provides organizations with a web-based platform for content management, information-sharing, communication, collaboration, and much more. At UT, SharePoint will begin as a web site (utspaces,) for faculty and staff. These are individual web sites that allow users to maintain their web presence at UT. The utspaces sites have many features that allow users to communicate, share documents, access colleagues’ utspaces sites, and much more. OIT Training has developed training classes to help you take advantage of the capabilities of and enjoy your interaction with SharePoint. This class will help you gain a thorough understanding of the SharePoint interface and will help you get started with your own site development. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
SharePoint Permissions (Handling Confidential Data) The information in this class will enable users to effectively secure data within their SharePoint sites. Participants will gain an understanding of the vast number of options SharePoint provides for granting access to the resources stored within their SharePoint accounts. These resources include sites, lists, libraries, and even individual items within those libraries. SharePoint supports the control of access via the University’s active directory, anonymous users, and the ability to create custom users and groups. SharePoint includes more than 30 permissions types that can be used to define who has access to your resources and how those resources can be used. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.