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Microsoft Teams: Tips and Tricks

Get some quick, fun tips and tricks for saving time and using Teams in your department or work environment.

Sept 19 - @Mentions & Adding People to a Chat

Sept 26 - Chat & Channels

Oct 3 - Creating a Team and Adding People

Oct 17 - Creating Channels, Private Channels, Hiding Channels

Oct 24 - Post to a Channel, Conversations, Announcements

Oct 31 - Creating a Poll

Nov 7 - Team Meetings

Nov 14 - Project Management, ToDo, and Planner

Nov 28 - File Management

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Big Hairy Grants: Interdisciplinary Projects in Action (Feb. 20) Big Hairy Grants: Interdisciplinary Projects in Action For faculty interested in interdisciplinary research, getting the right group together can be the most challenging part. This session will explore the internal resources available for building teams, examples of how humanities research can fit into UT’s five gateways, and a sneak peek into the work being done by the pilot Scholars Collective on Mortality. ***Big Hairy Grants is a workshop series for arts and humanities faculty who find grants to be somewhere on the spectrum from bewildering to terrifying, or possibly even completely irrelevant. Through informal presentations and open conversations, faculty will learn to navigate the often intimidating, sometimes bureaucratic, but ultimately rewarding world of grants. Office of Research, Innovation & Economic Development View Workshop Times
Brown Bag: Group Work in an Asynchronous Learning Environment In this session, Khosi Lunga, Learning Technology Specialist in OIT, will explore the benefits associated with group work, such as students exchanging ideas, knowledge creation, application (and exploration) of concepts to real-life situations. She will also briefly share a few tips for creating an online learning environment using the learning management system (Canvas) and online tools such as Teams, MS 365. Note: This Brown Bag session is part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing faculty professional development and advancing online teaching excellence. =========================================================================== Makhosazana (Khosi) Lunga is a Ph.D. candidate in Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT). She is a Learning Technology Specialist at the UTK OIT - Teaching and Learning Technologies department. She finds immense joy in helping others teach and learn better in an online learning environment. Online Programs Workshop Registration View Workshop Times
Microsoft Teams: Files and Collaboration This interactive session is designed to provide participants with valuable insights and practical techniques to maximize their productivity using Microsoft Teams. In this one-hour workshop, attendees will learn a range of tips, tricks, and hidden features that will help them streamline their workflow, collaborate effectively, and make the most out of their Teams experience. OIT Training View Workshop Times
Microsoft Teams: Overview Get a quick overview of how to use Microsoft Teams for your group. Learn about chats, channels, scheduling video calls, and lots more. We'll leave time for Q&A at the end to answer any specific questions you have. (This is part of the Microsoft Mondays series. Attend one or all of these workshops.) OIT Training View Workshop Times
Microsoft Teams: Project Management Harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams for efficient file management and seamless collaboration. This session will equip attendees with practical knowledge and essential skills to leverage the platform's file sharing, organization, and collaborative features effectively. OIT Training View Workshop Times