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Brown Bag: Turn on the CC: Increasing Inclusivity in Your Online Classroom
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guides instructors to increase access to educational materials for a diverse range of students. This presentation will explain why adding captions/subtitles to all online and in-person learning platforms is a necessary part of education, why inclusive teaching requires captions, and demonstrations of adding captions to multiple platforms. In this session, Kristel Scoresby, Ph.D Candidate in Social Work, will explain the benefits of captions for a wide audience and demonstrate step-by-step instructions on adding captions to learning materials. ======================================================================================== Kristel Scoresby is a mixed methodology social work scholar who is passionate about engaging in and disseminating mental health research that will support individuals with hearing loss and disabilities. With extensive LCSW practice experience in loss, trauma, and mental health, Kristel has a strong clinical background. Using her research, clinical practice, and lived experience to inform her teaching, Kristel employs Universal Design for Learning as her pedagogical approach and is especially attentive to increasing equitable access in educational, professional, and community spaces. Online Programs Workshop Registration View Workshop Times
ONLINE, SELF-PACED: Implementing UDL on Canvas

This self-paced course will give you the opportunity to learn about Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL advocates for accessible and inclusive instructional approaches that meet the needs and abilities of diverse learners. After completing this course, you will be able to design engaging, effective, and accessible courses using the Canvas features and other technology tools.

Learning outcomes

  • Define the main concepts of UDL
  • Identify a three-step process for implementing the UDL principles in designing and developing instruction and assessment
  • Utilize Canvas and other technology tools to design a flexible learning environment that presents instructional content and communication via alternate media and formats
  • Identify strategies and tools for facilitating mastery-oriented feedback; learner organization, self-management, and study skills; and collaboration.
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Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to motivate and engage diverse learners Everyone learns differently. The college classroom is becoming more diverse with students bringing different learning preferences, needs, and backgrounds into the learning space. UDL is intended to motivate and engage students in the learning process based on scientific insights into how humans learn. By effectively incorporating UDL into your course design, you would be able to offer a more engaging learning experience for your students. In this session, we will 1. Describe major component of UDL 2. Identify teaching strategies infused by the UDL framework to motivate and engage diverse learners TLI Workshop Registration There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.