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ONLINE, SELF-PACED: Accessibility & UDL: Designing Accessible Course Materials
This workshop series provides opportunity for faculty to learn about the benefits and applied principles for proactively designing courses that are accessible for all learners. Specific topics include why and how to design accessible material, including: word documents, PDFs, Canvas pages, and video & audio. It is intended to be a practical survey, guiding participants through the steps to make material accessible on the level of providing perceptual access and utility for everyone. As part of the workshop, participants will practice applying these concepts to actual course material from their courses with guided oversight and support. Log in to Canvas with your NetID and Password to begin this workshop at your own pace at the following URL: OIT Training View Workshop Times

ONLINE, SELF-PACED: Implementing UDL on Canvas
Canvas offers robust tools for accessible and engaging course design. This course helps instructors and instructional designers learn how to maximize the design of Canvas courses using the principles and practice of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The course also models best practices for Canvas course design, offering rich opportunities to both experience and learn. As a self-paced asynchronous learning experience, you may complete the course whenever and wherever you'd like and at your own pace. Log in to Canvas with your NetID and Password to begin this workshop at your own pace at the following URL: OIT Training View Workshop Times
Brown Bag: A Vol from afar: Insights from OLAP’s “Demographics+” survey | Using a Universal Design for Learning Framework within Online and Hybrid Courses to Meet the Needs of all Learners What do we know about the students who enroll in UTK Distance Education programs? In Fall 2021, the office of Online Learning & Academic Programs conducted a demographics survey to learn more the outside the classroom lives of the university’s DE students, receiving more than 400 responses (over 20% response rate). In the first half of this session, Josh Steele, Assistant Vice Provost for Online Learning, will discuss what we learnt about the survey results, including demographics, motivations for enrollment, and student feedback on support services that can help them be successful. In the second half of this session, Dr. Lori Caudle, Assistant Professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies, will focus on creating and facilitating online experiences for all learners that are built from a Universal Design for Learning (CAST, 2013) set of principles. Specifically, attendees will explore how to intentionally design and facilitate activities that provide learners with various ways to acquire information through multimodal cycles of inquiry. When students engage in this type of inquiry, it fosters comprehension of course-specific knowledge through acquisition, application, reflection, and identification of connections across concepts. This session will also highlight ways to keep online learners motivated and engaged by providing options for recruiting interest, sustaining effort and persistence, and promoting self-regulation. Online Programs Workshop Registration View Workshop Times
Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to motivate and engage diverse learners Everyone learns differently. The college classroom is becoming more diverse with students bringing different learning preferences, needs, and backgrounds into the learning space. UDL is intended to motivate and engage students in the learning process based on scientific insights into how humans learn. By effectively incorporating UDL into your course design, you would be able to offer a more engaging learning experience for your students. In this session, we will 1. Describe major component of UDL 2. Identify teaching strategies infused by the UDL framework to motivate and engage diverse learners TLI Workshop Registration There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.