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Adobe Acrobat: Basics There are two version of Acrobat--Reader DC and Acrobat Pro DC. Acrobat Reader DC’s primary purpose is for reading, sorting, and filling out PDF forms. In this one-hour workshop we’ll focused on Acrobat Pro for those times you require additional functionality such as editing and mark-up, updating a PDF, designing a form to be filled-out and signed, and many advanced features. You’ll learn the basics of the tools available and what they do. We’ll even teach you how to create a basic digital signature, and show you how to convert a file from PDF to a Word document. OIT Training There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Adobe Acrobat: Indexing, Searching, Combining - Going Beyond the Basics In this short one-hour workshop we’ll dive deep into some of the power features of Acrobat Pro DC. You’ll learn how to Index one or hundreds of PDFs with a single search, save a PDF in various formats such as a jpg, and combine multiple PDFs into one large document that includes chapters. There will be time for questions, so be sure and bring them along, and together we’ll find a solution. OIT Training View Workshop Times
Adobe Express: Creating Professional Looking Graphic Designs for Your Projects Adobe Express is a combination of graphic design tools. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create posters with animation, edit images for your posters, make report covers, and add videos to your presentations. OIT Training View Workshop Times
Adobe InDesign: Basics InDesign can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. This is an introductory class that will give you a basic understanding of InDesign and how to use the different tools available therein. OIT Training View Workshop Times
Adobe Photoshop: Compositing Images with Photoshop Through the use of creative selections you’ll combine multiple images into one image. OIT Training There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Adobe Photoshop: Improving your Photos In this class, participants learn to use masks to protect parts of an image from change, just like using masking tape to paint a room or a vehicle, or using a stencil to letter a sign. Students also learn to retouch photos. They will learn to remove unwanted objects from a picture, change a gray sky to partly cloudy, and brighten the colors. OIT Training There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Adobe Photoshop: Selections and Manipulations If you are new to Photoshop, this is the perfect workshop to begin learning the tools and basic techniques. Participants will examine the Photoshop interface. Selections from the toolbar will be defined, discussed, and applied to a graphic. Invaluable shortcuts for opening, viewing, and selecting will be taught. Work with palettes and palette menus. Learn and apply the creative skills needed for manipulating graphics. These skills include selecting, editing, and rotating shapes, then adding the shapes to another graphic. OIT Training View Workshop Times