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Adobe Captivate Interactive Practice and Assessment Templates Create engaging interactive practice and assessment activities with Adobe Captivate templates to deliver in class or on multiple devices (computer, iPad, phone).

The focus includes an overview of how to use Captivate templates to design and develop interactive practice and assessment activities. The workshop will include samples of work that participants can then use to follow the visual process steps to create their own activities to include in Online@UT, their own classroom website, classroom presentations, etc.

There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
BYOD Wirelessly with Wolfvision Cynap Available in some classrooms across campus, the Wolfvision Cynap allows instructors and students to wirelessly connect to the Cynap to present, annotate, record, and take notes. The Cynap works with most devices including Android or iPad tablets, smart phones, and laptops. Students can record the stream of the presentation on their devices. The instructor can also control who can present, making student presentations easy to connect. Come learn about the future of your classroom as these devices are installed in more rooms each year. View Workshop Times
Creating Accessible One-Shot Videos OneShot video is a simple way for you to produce a short (10 minutes or less) single-topic video using your own available video capture technology (e.g., camera, mobile phone, iPad, tablet). You hit Record, speak in front of the camera, and press Stop. There is no editing. Upload the video to YouTube or another video sharing site. Done! A One-Shot video is dynamic, engaging, lets your students see you, and appeals to the current video culture.

Note: The October 27 section of this workshop is part of the Fall Accessibility Program. You may register for any or all of the workshops in the Program.

tags: accessibility, disability

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Creating Video with a Mobile Device and SWIVL Using a mobile device to record audio, and the SWIVL robot to track movement, you can record just a segment or an entire class lecture, create a short instructional video, or practice your content/presentation delivery. Participants will learn to create their own video, apply minimal editing, and then upload content to a video sharing site. Bring your own tablet or Smartphone, or an iPad will be provided. View Workshop Times
iPads and Instruction Take an iPad out for a spin! This class will be driven by you! What do you want to do? Become more efficient with your iPad? Add interactivity to your class? Learn organization tips? Engage your students? In this class, participants will discover and discuss mobile technologies for creating and storing course content while adding collaboration and interaction to the teaching and learning environment. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Mobile Learning In and Out of Class (Make It, Take It) Participants will experience and develop presentations using iPad apps for course content, class presentation, collaboration and engagement. An Apple iPad 3 or higher is required. If you do not have an iPad, one will be provided. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.