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ONLINE, SELF-PACED: OER: Avoiding Copyright Issues With Open Educational Resources (OER)
Learn how to use Open Educational Resources (OER) in your presentations and course materials, and save students money by using open textbooks. OER are materials licensed for sharing by their creators. This self-paced, online course covers how to find them, evaluate OER for fit and quality, properly attribute and license OER, share OER, and how to guide others in creating OER. Log in to Canvas with your NetID and Password to begin this workshop at your own pace at the following URL: OIT Training View Workshop Times

Open Educational Resources (OER): Introduction & Overview
What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)? Why are they important, and where can you find them for your course? Join this 50-minute session, part of UT’s kickoff to Open Education Week, to find the answers and learn how the UT Open Textbook/OER Grant Program can help support your course’s transition to OER. Open to all faculty and staff, with faculty developing Vol Core curricula especially encouraged to attend. Live maximum attendance 30; virtual attendance open. The workshop will be led by Elizabeth Spica, doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies interning with UT’s Post-Secondary Education Research Center. Spica is part of UT Libraries' Open Education Working Group. For more information on the UT Open Textbook/OER Grant program, see the UT Libraries Website: UT Libraries There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.