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Getting Started Teaching Online

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Interested in teaching online, but not sure where to begin? This workshop will help you take your first steps toward teaching an online class. Participants will be introduced to the course development process, learn details about faculty support resources, and participate in a Q and A with the director of online programs.
Active Learning in Large Online Classes: Strategies for Promoting Student Engagement

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“Learning is not a spectator sport,” wrote Chickering and Gamson in their influential 1987 AAHE bulletin, “Seven Principles for Good Practice.” 30 years later, the statement holds true. This workshop introduces faculty to strategies that promote and sustain online student engagement, even in high enrollment courses. Learn tips for managing large online classes, as well as methods for delivering materials and assessing student learning.
Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning

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Over the past twenty years, researchers and practitioners in the field of online education have identified the very best pedagogical strategies for developing and delivering a quality online learning experience. In this workshop, participants will learn more about those strategies and how to implement teaching, learning and assessment practices that lead to student success and satisfaction.