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ONLINE, SELF-PACED: NVivo: Fundamentals

NVivo is a qualitative data-analysis package used to organize and analyze resources used in qualitative research. NVivo allows researchers to analyze documents, electronic web surveys, audio and video files, images, database tables, web pages, and social media content in one platform. This workshop will provide an overview of the software. The interface and features are demonstrated, along with examples of research projects utilizing the software. Participants will import and organize data in NVivo, add research notes and annotations, and code qualitative data in a variety of ways. Participants will also understand the potential of NVivo as a tool for organizing, questioning, visualizing, and reporting qualitative research data. It takes approximately 6 hours to complete this workshop. Log in to Canvas with your NetID and Password to begin this workshop at your own pace at the following URL:

S This is an researcher focused workshop.

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