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ONLINE, SELF-PACED: Accessible Learning Materials & Tools

Designing for accessibility is the process of proactively creating materials that are usable by the full range of potential end users. This often means making sure that materials and communications can be accessed, perceived, used, and understood by people who use different interfaces or tools, and/or who have relevant disabilities. Designing for accessibility almost always benefits many people including those who do not have relevant disabilities.

Here at the University of Tennessee, our policy is to ensure that all learning materials are accessible. This course introduces best practices that you can begin applying immediately to ensure accessibility and usability of learning materials and communications.

You will learn how to:

  • create accessible documents and PowerPoint presentations
  • identify tools and resources for closed captioning
  • use the Read&Write software, for which UT Knoxville has a site license
  • .
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S This is an instructor focused workshop and only faculty/staff or GTAs may enroll.

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