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Canvas Assignments/Assessments/Grades
NEW WORKSHOP: This workshop will focus on the Canvas assessment tools (Assignments and Quizzes) faculty can use to track and/or improve student learning. Instructors will also learn the relationship between Canvas assessments and the grade book. We'll go beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment creation and management by learning about many best practices and helpful hints that can contribute toward a better, more efficient online experience for both you and your students. View Workshop Times
Accessibility: One Shot Video and Captioning Basics One-Shot video is a simple way to produce a five minute (or shorter) single-topic video using your own available video capture technology (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, etc.) or an iPad device from OIT. You can also use Canvas or Zoom. In this workshop you will create a video, upload it to YouTube, and use the YouTube captioning tool to create closed captions. You’ll leave with an accessible instructional video that you can use immediately for your course. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Canvas Analytics for Student Success NEW WORKSHOP: Analytics can improve student success by providing insight into student learning behaviors. Faculty will learn how to assess the effectiveness of their online teaching methods, identify areas that need improvement, and identify at-risk students. View Workshop Times
Canvas Blueprint DESCRIPTION: This workshop will explore Canvas Blueprint courses. Together, we will look at how instructors and OIT instructional designers can collaborate on Blueprints to streamline the development of new courses, share common material, and deploy, update, and maintain Canvas course design templates across any number of courses or instructors. View Workshop Times
Canvas Foundations: Getting Started This workshop provides a foundational overview of basic features and functionality available in Canvas that allows instructors to build and support engaging courses. View Workshop Times
Canvas LEAD (Learn, Explore, and Design) Prepare for your summer and fall courses. Become a Canvas LEADer! Join us as we present Canvas topics and important tool updates that will help you effectively use your course site to engage students and raise achievement. Come and learn more about the new and improved gradebook and the new quiz tool. Canvas representatives will be here to demonstrate ARC – a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media.

Room 252
9 am - 10 am Arc Overview
10 am - 11 am Gradebook
11 am - 12 pm Tips & Tricks
12pm - 2pm Break
2 pm - 3 pm Arc Overview
3 pm - 4 pm Gradebook
4 pm - 5 pm Tips & Tricks

Room 253
9 am - 10 am Course Structure Overview
10 am - 11 am Quizzes Next
11 am - 12 pm Canvas Analytics
12pm - 2pm Break
2 pm - 3 pm Course Structure Overview
3 pm - 4 pm Canvas Analytics
4 pm - 5 pm Quizzes Next

NOTE: Feel free to drop-in at any of the above sessions.
There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Canvas Tips & Tricks During this one-hour Canvas Tips & Tricks session, we will reveal and illustrate for you several lesser-known features and strategies that can help you more successfully and more efficiently manage your Canvas courses, and connect with your students. View Workshop Times
Designing Accessible Course Materials: 2-Day Workshop 2-Day Workshop: July 9 & 10 (Mon and Tues) This workshop series provides opportunity for faculty to learn about the benefits and applied principles for proactively designing courses that are accessible for all learners. Specific topics include why and how to design accessible material, including: word documents, PDFs, Canvas pages, and video & audio. It is intended to be a practical survey, guiding participants through the steps to make material accessible on the level of providing perceptual access and utility for everyone. As part of the workshop, participants will practice applying these concepts to actual course material from their courses with guided oversight and support. View Workshop Times
ePortfolios for Developing and Assessing Student Professional Competencies ePortfolios are being used in all disciplines of Higher Education for a variety of purposes: to showcase student work, to demonstrate student acquisition of essential competencies, to assess student learning, and to support students in preparing for the job market. In addition, ePortfolios are used by institutions to encourage students to participate in and record multi-disciplinary activities, and many departments use them as a discussion focus when identifying desired programmatic competencies and the artifacts that students should produce in each course to demonstrate acquisition of those competencies. This workshop will highlight how ePortfolios can be implemented for many of these purposes, the benefits and the theory and research behind their use, and the steps involved in initiating ePortfolios for your students, course, department, project, or for yourself! The Canvas ePortfolio tool will be demonstrated and participants will be given the opportunity to experiment with its features. View Workshop Times
Open Consultations for Transition to Canvas We’re holding “office hours!” No appointment is necessary; just bring your questions about moving your courses to the new Canvas learning management system. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
PowerPoint with Voiceover: Developing Narrated Presentations THIS WORKSHOP IS WINDOWS-SPECIFIC. Adding your voice to PowerPoint slides is a simple process that will turn a presentation from a plain set of slides into a self-contained instructional asset. In this workshop, you will learn how to easily record and narrate your slides, convert the file to a video format, upload the video to your UTK YouTube account, edit closed captions for accessibility, and share the YouTube link within Canvas.

This workshop is offered by appointment. Please contact the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 to arrange a consultation.

There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Prezi Tips for Conferences The focus of this workshop is to use Prezi for preparing conference presentations. Prezi allows presenter(s) to zoom to different views on a virtual canvas and makes your presentation more visually appealing. This workshop will show you how to share your Prezi with other collaborators, download a Prezi for use when you have limited access to the internet, and create infographics using Prezi. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
TurningPoint Basics Clicker Technology, or audience response systems, are used by educational institutions nationwide to enhance student engagement, gather data, and provide instant feedback and assessment. Below are some of the benefits faculty have identified using Turning Technologies software for clicker engagement. Effective Fall 2017, UTK transitioned to TurningPoint 8 which continues to feature polling with hand-held and mobile devices, but with a secure, centralized, web-based management of course rosters and assessment data.
  • Ease of use in creating and delivering quizzes
  • Quiz delivery without PowerPoint or in-class computer via TurningPoint Anywhwere and ResponseCard Anywhere
  • Self-paced polling options
  • Response submissions via the clicker or mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, or a laptop computer
  • Integration with Canvas
  • Less overall cost for students
OIT and Turning Technologies provide training for all current and interested clicker technology faculty. If you'd like to use clickers in your class, you must receive training on the TurningPoint system. Be sure to bring your laptop to the training. You should also contact the UT Bookstore to place your clicker order. If you have any questions, contact the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.
There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.
Using UDL to Improve Course Design (in Canvas and the Classroom) It’s been said that “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is the most dangerous phrase in the English language. In this workshop, you’ll learn about Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is a structured approach to designing learning experiences that forms a practical, meaningful expansion of accessibility concepts. In this workshop, our UDL specialist will share from his experience as a UDL educator and researcher, provide some highlights from the recent UDL in Higher Ed conference put on the by the Tennessee Board of Regents, and generally support understanding about what UDL is, how you may get started with it in class or on Canvas, and will provide you with resources and strategies you can use immediately. There are no scheduled workshop times. Contact us for more info.